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Code the right way!

Code Lab

Code the right way!

What is Code Lab

Code Lab is an initiative that aims to empower young Iraqi developers to create high-quality software products to close the skill gap and meet the demand of the Iraqi market and encourage companies and organizations to work with Iraqi developers instead of outsourcing which costs more money, time, and ultimately causes money to go out of Iraq. 


We provide extensive training for a wide range of topics and levels of expertise, including native and flutter mobile apps development, backend and frontend development using a wide variety of frameworks like Laravel and VueJS, and Machine Learning using Python and TensorFlow.


Code Lab alumni are working at companies like Zain Iraq, Earthlink, HRiNS, Talabatey, Enjaz, and even with us at Code Lab! Code Lab alumni are comprising almost the entirety of some companies’ software development teams, while others have started their own teams/businesses.


We help companies ranging from startups and SMBs to corporates and government agencies build high-quality software solutions that create value and save time by providing constant, accessible, and highly informative consultation sessions offered to employees in the technology sector.

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